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Horse Drawn Hearse Funerals

Many funeral directors champion using a traditional Horse Drawn Hearse. They have been impressed with conducting a large number of funerals using this timeless technique. We work with many funeral directors in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Even when using our most simple funeral service, the typical horse-drawn hearse can be used. We offer our commitment to providing the greatest solution for all budgets and expectations.

Horse Drawn Funeral Carriage Prices

We could arrange for a horse-drawn hearse for your loved one at the most affordable rates. We work with members of the National Association of Funeral Directors. They are required to give you with an itemised break down of the charges to abide by our Code of Practice.

This means that you will see how much of your funeral budget is spent on our horse-drawn hearse service. You will obtain an Estimate of Cost based on a comprehensive service.

For this reason, we are confident that you will feel that you have received excellent value for money based on our services. 

Horse Drawn Hearse Hire

Our Horse Drawn Hearse service, has been established for many years. We specialise in conventional horse-drawn funerals for hire. We offer this to funeral directors and individuals. We usually use a set of horses to draw the hearses, yet specialise in teams of 4 or 6 horses.

Horse Carriage Funeral Services

In addition to black horse-drawn hearses, we also have a white horse-drawn hearse, which is usually drawn by our magnificent greys. In addition to the black and white horse drawn hearses, we could additionally offer a pink hearse, a silver hearse and gun carriage by unique setup.

White Horse Drawn Hearse

Our white horse drawn hearse can be pulled by either our white or black horses.  These can be clothed plumes and drapes in your choice of colour, from conventional shades to brighter, more dazzling colours.

We can arrange for Black or white horses with either a Black or White Hearse, either combination. Horses usually operate in sets, but groups of 4 can be arranged.

We could leave from the residence of the deceased. Although there are limitations on the range, the horses could take a trip for apparent factors. We always get here a little early at your house. We find individuals like to take photos and say hello to the horses. This is fine as they are very pleasant and well trained.

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