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Why Choose A Horse And Carriage Wedding

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  • 08-10-2020
Why Choose A Horse And Carriage Wedding

If you want to a wedding entrance to remember, there is no better transport that to choose a horse and carriage. Below we look at reasons why you should choose a horse and carriage for a wedding.

10 Reasons to Choose a Horse Drawn Carriage

You shouldn't need convincing to hire a horse-drawn carriage for your big day, as it is such an amazing addition for a traditional and elegant wedding.

What Are The Steps To Planning A Wedding

If you need more reasons to convince yourself or the other half, here are the top reasons why you should:

Why Choose A Horse And Carriage For A Wedding

Make an Entrance

Arriving at your wedding venue in a stunning horse-drawn carriage will give you that bridal entrance you deserve. It's definitely an entrance nobody will forget, including yourself so that you can make lifetime memories.

Impress your Guests 

Turn heads as you arrive, and give your guests something to talk about for a long time to come. Everyone will want to watch you arrive, and greet you at your venue.

Stunning Wedding Pictures

Horse-drawn carriages can really add to the photographs of your wedding, and add character and tradition to them. You'll be able to get some stunning pictures that you can treasure forever.

Feel Amazing 

Look and feel amazing as you arrive at your wedding venue. With a horse-drawn carriage, you'll feel like royalty arriving on your big day, and will give your wedding that 'wow' factor it deserves.

Spending Quality Time 

You can enjoy quality time with whomever you choose to ride in the carriage with, as you take in the wonderful views and wave at passers-by. It's a fabulous experience for you and your loved one to enjoy.

Traditional Wedding 

If you're wanting to have a traditional wedding, then horse-drawn carriages are perfect for you. Horses really add to the tradition and also add character to the overall day.

Wedding Themes

Whatever the theme for your wedding is, you can add to the carriage. For example, if you've always dreamed of that perfect Cinderella wedding, then this can really emphasise that theme.

Share your Experience 

The guests are always welcome to have a ride in the horse-drawn carriage if they wish so that they can make memories with you too. It is definitely something the younger ones won't forget.


Don't worry about going over budget, as horse-drawn carriages are very affordable to hire, and can be your transportation for each part of your journey, so you don't need to worry about hiring different modes of transport for each destination.


Flowers, ribbons and other decorations can be added to the carriage to match the colour theme of your wedding. This matches everything together and can give that added effect on photographs.

Wedding Car vs Horse & Carriage

There are a variety of pros and cons for each of these. It all mainly depends on what you want for your big day, and they both serve different effects and purposes. They both can look traditional and stunning, but here is a bit more information about both wedding cars and horse-drawn carriages to help you make your final decision:

Wedding Cars 

Wedding cars are definitely less romantic that horse-drawn carriages, even though they are beautiful cars. However, if you are looking for a more laid back wedding, then wedding cars are probably more ideal for you. It can be possible for a wedding car to break down, which would make you late for your wedding, and they are also less environmentally friendly.

Horse & Carriage  

Horse-drawn carriages are extremely romantic and add a sense of luxury and royalty to your wedding. However, it is important to note that some guests may be scared of horses. Classic cars are cheaper than horse-drawn carriages, but they really do add that traditional atmosphere to your big day, which is very important for many couples.

If you are thinking of choosing a horse and carriage for a wedding contact us today. We provide a beautiful horse drawn carriage for weddings for Essex and London