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How Do I Make My Prom Memorable

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  • 06-09-2022
How Do I Make My Prom Memorable

Are you asking: how do I make my prom memorable? We take a look at the top tips for ensuring your prom goes according to plan and is a night to remember.

For many people, prom night is a memorable evening that you want to fill with memories and photos for years to come. If you want to arrange a big night that is one to remember, taking time in the weeks leading up to your prom day to plan will ensure you're not disappointed. 

How Do I Make My Prom Memorable?

From finding the perfect outfit, the perfect date, arranging a party bus and ensuring you have extra bobby pins, it seems like a lot goes into one night.

However, prom is one of the most memorable nights for many people, and it's no wonder many sleepless nights are spent on the little details.   

You can save yourself time and money by preparing and planning what you want your prom to look like because everyone has a differing experience.

The worst thing you can do is rush into it and have a bad experience. 

If you or a family member are reaching the end of your school year and looking for last-minute ways to make your prom night feel good and be amazing, keep reading this article as we address some essential steps. 

How Do I Make My Prom Memorable?

 Find the Perfect Outfit

Your personal style aside, you want to look back at your prom pictures and be happy with your decision. Whether you're looking for a prom dress for yourself or your date's dress, taking time to decide what to wear can be a real headscratcher.

While you could spend most of the night dancing, and therefore you need comfortable shoes (avoid huge heels for that reason!), you still want to implement your dress style and look good in your clothes for photos.

For boys, you may feel like your outfit choices are more limited, stuck between suits and tuxedos. However, the important thing is to opt for a fit that suits you (and, ideally, your date's dress). Investing in a tailor to help ensure your suit is fitted to you is worth the money and will make you stand out from the other boyfriends in the prom photos.

Of course, the rest is up to you: make sure you prioritise fun with your friends, that you're comfortable and can rest in your clothes, and that you don't spill anything down it during the pre-party...

 Decide How You'll Get There

How you arrive to your prom is almost as important as the rest of the night, so you shouldn't forget to start planning as soon as possible. It's unlikely you're the only group looking for the perfect vehicle in advance, and as limousines are commonplace for proms, they will disappear quickly.

It's vital at this stage that you talk to your friends and discuss all investing a portion of the money as this will help you pull a more exciting vehicle: whether that's a classic car, limo, fire engine or something else entirely.

Splitting it with your group can make it more affordable. You may want to consider simply asking your parents to drive you, but this occasion is once in a lifetime: so you could travel with music, drinks and beverages and get the party started right.

 The After Party

Most school proms end earlier in the evening, with students choosing to continue the party at a friend's house, where they can continue to dance and celebrate.

After parties are optional, of course, but packing an overnight bag and throwing a gathering or party at a house can be a great way to keep the celebration going when you're fully charged from the event.

You could go bowling or watch a movie, but having a house party is completely free (so long as the parents agree). Moving the prom festivities away from the teachers is a great way to relax and perhaps have a drink with dinner or some other celebration. 

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 Choose the Perfect Date

By no means do you have to attend prom with a date; you could instead go in a group of girls and boys, attend with friends and enjoy it just as much.

If you do choose to bring a date, however, you want to make sure you're with someone you feel comfortable around, you can laugh with and have a good time with.

The highlight of your prom night will be the memories you make with the people around you, so make sure they match your personality, and they don't ruin a good night. Many things come into play, but the right person can make or break prom. 

 Create Excitement With Your Date

Revealing how excited you are for your prom to your date (or group of friends) is a fantastic way to generate ideas and make everyone hyped.

Sending each other cute messages, perhaps slipping them into their lockers and letting them know it's going to be a magical night, will generate more excitement in the weeks leading up to it

Talking to your group and hair and makeup, where to find your dress online etc., can help make the event more collaborative and exciting. On the more boring side, make sure all necessary appointments and bookings are scheduled on the right day and the right time because you don't want any complications. 

 Dance Lessons

Before the big day comes around, you should make sure you and your date can dance because you don't want to be the only couple who stumbles over your feet. Don't worry, because you don't have to be perfect (no one else will be), and your prom night is a chance to have fun.

That being said, taking some tips on board and ensuring you don't make the wrong moves to YMCA can ensure you don't embarrass yourself.

Considering some dresses can be long and get in the way, you should take some practice on the morning of to ensure you don't trip over the ends and break stuff! It's happened before, and you'll be glad you did. 

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 Visit The Tux Shop

If you are attending prom with your boyfriend or group of male friends, you should spend an afternoon at the tuxedo shop, ensuring to achieve the perfect look. Many couples choose to coordinate their colours, typically with the boy's tie matching the colour of his date's dress. 

You can also experiment with accessories and different accents, seeing what works with their skin complexion and making your first time at the prom memorable. Just like ensuring dresses compliment a girl's figure, you should do the same with a suit or tuxedo.

Different cuts and styles can make your figure look different, so it's about finding what works for you. Make sure you balance all of this with your date's boutonniere, which is a traditional part of the tuxedo or suit. 

 Create A Prom Collage

After the countless hours you've spent on your hair, makeup, nails, dress, tuxedo and transportation, you want to take as many photos as possible.

Putting together a collage of your photos from the pre-party, during the prom, and the after-party will help make the night memorable and ensure you keep a wonderful collection of pictures for years down the line.

While there may be professional photographers at the prom event, you can ask parents and teachers to take group photos for you, adding them to your collage or scrapbook.

 After Prom Sleepover 

While some people choose to head to a restaurant or continue partying, many prom-goers choose to plan a sleepover with their friends.

This can remove stress from the evening and let you get changed from your dresses into pyjamas and a chance to watch a movie together! After a night of dancing, there's no shame in wanting to get comfortable and wear loose clothing with your best friends.

You can eat snacks and have a post-prom breakfast of eggs, pancakes and muffins the following day if you choose! 

 Make A Mini-Movie

With everyone having smartphones and video cameras more readily accessible, there's no reason why you can't film the entire experience.

The more you document, the more grateful you'll feel years down the line when you come back to watch it. This way, your gorgeous hairstyles, dresses and moments where you shine can be immortalised and rewatched with your best friends. 

 Make sure your dress fits

Between buying your dress and prom night, you may have gained or lost weight: this is completely normal. If you need to make alterations to the dress, be sure to book this in as early as possible, as appointments with seamstresses can become fully booked around prom time.

Your dress can be both beautiful and comfortable, and it's vital you find this balance. Of course, this also comes into play when choosing your dress in the first place: which is why you must choose between strapless, short, flowing, etc.

The same goes for your suits, which is why visiting a tailor can ensure your suit fits even months down the line. This also gives you a professional look that you won't regret when you see the pictures. 

 Break in your shoes

If this is your first time wearing heels for an entire evening, you will want to break them in ahead of time. Wear them around your house and get used to wearing them for longer periods.

For boys, make sure your suit shoes are comfortable, and you can wear them while dancing with your date, because you don't want to step on any toes while on the dance floor. 

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 Pick out your jewellery

Finding the best rings, necklaces and earrings for your prom night is important and can complete your look. Don't forget to take time to consider the jewellery you'll be wearing for prom, whether that's 

in coordination with your date or for flying solo. You don't want to wear something that clashes with your skin complexion, the dress colour or something that will weigh you down and get uncomfortable as the night goes on. If you do need to take them off, make sure you have room in your purse: an overpacked purse is never a good idea. 

 Do makeup trial runs

Our final tip for making your prom memorable is to complete makeup trial runs! You don't want to be caught out on the big night and end up being late because you take too long applying your makeup.

Of course, many people choose to visit a professional makeup counter or have a makeup artist visit their house. If you do decide to complete your own makeup, be sure to do this as many times as you can before the big night. Once you're dressed and ready to go, there is little wiggle room for making last-minute changes. 

Making your prom night one to remember is important, but you should never put too much pressure on yourself. Take time to relax, and remember to have fun with your friends. Spending time with the people you care about the most and will miss when you move on from school is vital. 

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