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How Much Is A Horse-Drawn Carriage For A Funeral UK

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  • 25-05-2023
How Much Is A Horse-Drawn Carriage For A Funeral UK

This article asks: How much is a horse-drawn carriage for a funeral in the UK? Are you considering a horse drawn carriage for the funeral of a loved one? Cooks Carriages offer horse drawn funerals for Hockley, Essex and London. We look at example costs for a horse drawn funeral service

Traditional Horse Drawn Funeral Costs

The use of a horse-drawn carriage in a funeral procession is a timeless and elegant way to honour the deceased. The sombre image of a black or white horse pulling a polished hearse is one that evokes a sense of respect and dignity. While it may seem like a costly affair, the actual price of a traditional horse-drawn funeral is dependent on several factors.

The type of carriage chosen can affect the cost. A traditional hearse drawn by a single horse is less expensive than a more ornate carriage pulled by two or four horses. The material used to build the carriage can also impact the cost, with solid wood and metal carriages costing more than those made of synthetic materials.

The distance that the carriage needs to travel and the length of time it is required will also affect the price. Funeral directors will usually charge a fee for each mile travelled and an hourly rate for the services of the coachman and groom. Extra costs may also be incurred for the use of a horse-drawn carriage for a longer duration, such as during the wake or other commemorative events.

Also, the cost of the horses themselves is a factor. The type and breed of horse, as well as their training and upkeep, can significantly impact the cost of the service. The horses used for funeral processions are usually well-trained, well-groomed, and well-fed, which adds to their expense.

The location of the funeral home and cemetery can also play a role in determining the cost of a traditional horse-drawn funeral. Funeral homes in more affluent areas may charge more for their services, while cemeteries in remote locations may incur extra transportation fees.

Ideas for Themed Funeral And Memorial Services

Example Costs For a Horse Drawn Funeral Service

When arranging a funeral for a loved one, the cost is often a significant consideration. If you're looking for a distinctive and stylish way to honour your loved one's memory, a horse-drawn funeral service may be a suitable option.

This traditional funeral service adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the occasion and provides a memorable experience for those in attendance.

The total cost of a horse-drawn funeral service will depend on several factors, including whether you choose a cremation or burial funeral.

How Much Is A Horse-drawn Carriage For A Funeral UK?

The cost of a horse-drawn cremation funeral package is around £3,000, while the cost of a horse-drawn burial funeral package is usually the same, but the total cost may vary depending on the church charges and the grave and burial costs.

It's essential to discuss these costs with your chosen funeral director to get an accurate estimate of the total costs involved.

Horse Drawn Cremation Funeral

Often included in horse-drawn funeral service packages are a range of items and services, such as a black horse-drawn hearse with horses, a Jaguar limousine, a floral spray, an order of service booklets, and a choice of coffins.

The package will sometimes include professional services for arranging and conducting the funeral, conveyance of the deceased into the funeral home from the place of death, care of the deceased, preparation and dressing of the deceased, and arrangements and paperwork completed for the funeral.

Horse Drawn Cremation Funeral - Hockley, Essex and London

Horse Drawn Burial Funeral

A horse-drawn burial funeral service provides a unique and elegant way to honour your loved one's memory. The service often includes a black horse-drawn hearse pulled by majestic horses, a floral spray, and a choice of coffins.

Funeral directors provide professional services for arranging and conducting the funeral, including the conveyance of the deceased into the funeral home from the place of death, the care and preparation of the deceased, and the completion of necessary paperwork.

A horse-drawn cremation funeral package may also include a Jaguar limousine, while a horse-drawn burial funeral replaces the traditional hearse with a beautifully crafted carriage pulled by horses.

Disbursements and third-party fees, such as cemetery or church fees and doctors' fees, are not included in the package and may vary depending on the location and chosen services. It's essential to discuss all costs involved in arranging a horse-drawn funeral service with your chosen funeral director to ensure an accurate estimate of the total expenses. This service typically costs around £3000.

What Is Included In A Horse Hearse Funeral? horse drawn funerals for Hockley, Essex and London.

What is included in a Horse Hearse Funeral?

A horse-drawn hearse funeral is a beautiful and traditional way to pay tribute to a loved one. The use of horse-drawn hearses dates back centuries, and to this day, remains a popular choice for those who want a unique and memorable funeral experience.

When choosing a horse-drawn hearse funeral, there are several options available to you. You can select a certain amount of horses, which can come in a range of colours. You can also choose the colour of the horse-drawn hearse, which can come in colours such as in white, silver, gold, or black.

At the heart of a horse-drawn hearse funeral are the horses themselves. These majestic creatures are dressed in English patent leather harnesses and traditional collars.

You can also choose from a range of colours for the plumes and drapes that adorn the horses. If you have a specific colour in mind that the business doesn't already have, they can sometimes have it tailor-made for you at no extra cost.

To ensure that the procession runs smoothly, experienced coachmen and women, who are dressed in traditional Victorian livery, will lead the horses and hearse from either your family home or our funeral home to the crematorium or church.

They have decades of experience in driving horse-drawn funeral carriages and take pride in their extensive riding skills. Horse Hearse Funeral services often include all the services that are included in traditional cremation or burial services. Horse-drawn hearse funerals are a unique and memorable way to celebrate the life of a loved one. 

With the option to choose the different aspects of the service, you can tailor the experience to suit your loved one's personality and style. Funeral directors will happily help you every step of the way, ensuring that the service runs smoothly and is a fitting tribute to your loved one.

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