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Tendring Horse Drawn Carriages

Are you looking for Horse Drawn Carriages in Tendring,  Essex? Call today for horse and carriage hire for Weddings, Funerals, Proms and special events.

About Tendring

Tendring is a district in the east of the county of Essex. There are numerous places to visit a traditionally coastal area and things to do for people of all ages. From beautiful north sea beaches and resorts to impressive historical monuments, towns and villages, there is plenty to find when visiting this area of Essex.

There are also several regularly held events to entice any would-be visitors. The Clacton Air and Tendring Shows, together with a plethora of village fetes, fairs and regattas, means that there is always something happening in Tendring. The history of the area entails an infamous period during the English Civil War. The Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, conducted many of his witch trials in Essex's Tendring district.

Tendring Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Drawn Weddings Carriage Hire in Tendring

Horse Drawn Weddings Carriage Hire in Tendring

Here at Cooks Carriages, we are more than happy to provide a professional and exceptional wedding horse-drawn carriage hire service. 

Based in Essex and covering all the areas thereof, our fleet of carriages allows us to create any bespoke vision you might have for your big day. 

Whatever style the happy couple wants to be transported in on their wedding day can be arranged, with an array of traditional carriages and landau models. 

We also have a selection of well-groomed Friesian and Andalusian horses, able to form two, four and six-horse teams, so that whatever magical ideas you may have for your wedding day transportation, we can arrange it for you.

Our horse and carriage hire is also the best way to break the mould of using wedding cars on your big day, favouring instead the more traditional method of being carried gracefully to and from the chapel by our horse-drawn carriages, manned professionally by our experienced coachmen. 

We provide bespoke arrangements so that you can have the wedding of your dreams at a competitive price. So, please get in touch today, and our team will be happy to make an initial quote available to you. 

Wedding Photo Locations Tendring

Venues, such as Richwill Farm and "The House", provide stunning scenery for your wedding photographs. These beautiful rural locations and many others throughout Tendring offer brilliant backdrops for wedding photographs. 

The inclusion of our beautiful horse-drawn carriages will surely inspire awe in your guests and envy in anyone who wasn't invited. 

  • Alresford
  • Ardleigh
  • Beaumont-cum-Moze
  • Bradfield
  • Brightlingsea
  • Elmstead
  • Frating
  • Frinton and Walton
  • Kirby-le-Soken
  • Great Bentley
  • Great Bromley
  • Great Oakley
  • Harwich
  • Lawford
  • Little Bentley
  • Little Bromley
  • Little Clacton
  • Little Oakley
  • Manningtree
  • Mistley
  • Ramsey and Parkeston
  • St Osyth
  • Tendring
  • Thorpe-le-Soken
  • Thorrington
  • Weeley
  • Wix
  • Wrabness

Horse Drawn Funerals Tendring

At Cooks Carriages, we are also able to offer a respectful and dignified funeral hire service. If you wish to say goodbye to your dearly departed in a traditional and bespoke style, then we have the facilities to accommodate any requirements you may have. Our black Friesian stallions and horse-drawn hearse carriages offer stylish and elegant transportation.

Horse Drawn Funerals Tendring

We also work alongside the National Association of Funeral Directors, ensuring that our services meet the necessary Codes of Practice. Our services, based in Essex, enable you to bid your loved one's farewell with grace and dignity on any budget. Please contact our team today if you wish to book any funeral hire services or receive an initial quote. 

Prom Horse and Carriage Hire

Here at Cooks Carriages Ltd, we are also able to offer prom night hire services. Our array of horse-drawn carriages can create any bespoke look you are thinking of. 

We can fit our horses with plumes and ribbons to match your chosen style for the evening. Whether you wish to travel in a traditional glass, landau or fairytale Cinderella carriage, we have the configuration to make your prom a night to remember. 

Based in Essex, our carriage hire services are the best way to impress on your special occasions.  

Are you looking for horse drawn carriage hire in Tendring? If you would like to learn more about Cooks Carriages or our services, please contact us today on 01702 230203 and we will be happy to help. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to discuss your event in more detail.