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Important Things A Bride Must Not Forget For Their Wedding

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  • 11-07-2022
Important Things A Bride Must Not Forget For Their Wedding

What are important things a bride must not forget on their wedding? This article looks at common things that brides forget on their wedding. Make sure you avoid forgetting these essential items on your big day.

Common Things Brides Forget On Their Wedding

Wedding planning is a juggling game, typically consisting of many stressful moments.

You have spent months analysing the most important parts of your wedding day, either working with a wedding planner or managing it solo.

The last thing you want is to realise you have forgotten something as the ceremony begins. Thankfully, you are not alone, and many brides forget something on their big day.

Many couples forget details despite double-checking their to-do list, so we've got you covered for your emergency kit of things that are easy to forget before your wedding party. 

Important Things A Bride Must Not Forget On Their Wedding?

Arranging transportation for extended family, guests & bridal party

Believe it or not, many couples forget to arrange transport either for a specific family member or a group of guests at their wedding.

When you invite friends, family and other guests to your wedding, it's expected they will make their own way to the wedding.

Occasionally, people announce they have no way of getting to the venue, and the bride and groom realise they didn't consider their transport! 

Ideas for Unusual Wedding Transport

Cash for vendor tips.

Although tipping vendors is not mandatory, many brides choose to tip them after supporting them for the entire day.

It's very easy to forget to bring cash with you to your wedding, but there will be many circumstances where you wish you did. Having some emergency fund to tap into or allocating tip envelopes is a great idea to have prepared. 

Reserved Seating Signs & Table Numbers

The hustle and bustle of getting to the venue and ensuring everybody is in the same place at the same time means it's easy to forget table numbers and reserved seating signs.

While you will have a table/seating order established, there will be people on the day who can't find their seats or will sit anywhere. It's always better to take a second and remember reserved seating signs, hopefully deterring those who aren't supposed to sit there. 

Writing A Thank You Speech

While you and your fiance have been swept under the rug arranging the entire party, it's easy for the bride to forget to write her own thank you speech.

While not every wedding will have this feature, thank you speeches are a great way to let everything know you are incredibly grateful they attended your special day and ensures both families are thanked for their time and effort. 

Wearing A Robe For Makeup

When you are getting your hair and makeup done professionally, you don't want to ruin your clothes (or, heaven forbid, your dress) by not wearing a button-down shirt or a robe.

Avoid worry by you and your bridesmaids wearing robes to stop any marks or stains. 

To Just Relax!

As a bridal party, it's common to forget to relax and have fun. You don't want to be so busy you miss your own wedding, because you are meant to dance, play, eat dinner and have a celebration to remember for the rest of your life.

No matter what, getting on the dance floor, wearing your wedding dress and being with your family and new partner are the most important parts. 

Wedding Details Couples Usually Forget When Planning

Thankfully, you are not alone if you have forgotten something.

Wedding couples typically forget some details of the big day, whether they have been on the same page or not.

Our expert advice is to remain calm as most problems can be fixed there and then. 

ou have probably been organised up until this point, so don't beat yourself up if you forgot one thing! 

The Marriage License

Without a doubt, many weddings forget their marriage license more than anything else.

After your vows have been said and you're en route to the reception, you do not want to forget to sign your marriage license - as you are not legally married without it! 

Vendor Payment

Many vendors will require payment before the wedding, but you shouldn't be surprised to find some who want the final costs on the night or a few days later.

Always keep vendor contact information to hand in the instance you require them immediately and ensure you are familiar with their money plans. 

Include Yourself In The Guest Count

Many couples forget to count themselves into the total guest count at their wedding.

This doesn't sound like a problem, but when you have an allocated number and place cards outlining where everyone should sit, you can quickly find the number being slightly higher than you anticipated.

Last-minute changes to catering teams aren't ideal, so keep your guest book to hand and keep yourself in it! 

Allocate A Gift Gatherer

You will likely receive many gifts at your wedding, and you won't have time to collect them all. 

Find someone you trust in the bridal party or a close friend to gather the gifts and deliver them to you after the festivities have calmed down. This will save you a lot of stress, ensuring you keep track of everyone's gifts. 

Bring A Phone Charger

This may seem obvious, but your wedding day will be long, and you don't want your phone to die mid-event.

Find someone you trust (your best man, maid of honour or just some loved ones) to bring a phone charger so you can take photos knowing your phone will not die. If that happens, you don't want to miss out on unique pictures on your day. 

Relax & Eat Food

As far as wedding ideas go, the food is one of the most important aspects a couple will plan. You spend months ensuring the food is perfect, and yet many couples don't find time to eat during their day.

Don't forget to sit down and eat food. You don't only need it for nourishment, but you spent months seeking out the perfect meal, so enjoy it! The cake was designed to be gorgeous and tasty, so don't miss out because you're too stressed elsewhere. 

Things You Shouldn’t Forget On Your Wedding Day

While there is only so much planning you can do to ensure your wedding day celebrations are a wonderful success, there are some things you should do in advance.

Firstly, keep mess to a minimum. You are likely to have bags of shoes, dresses and engagement rings everywhere, but you will quickly lose items if you do this.

As the day continues, things will go missing if you don't establish a baseline of organisation. Create a plan for the day and outline all arrangements for both the bridal party and the groomsmen, as you are not alone in your plans.

Secondly, check and double-check that the ring bearer or best man has the rings on them. Take note of who is responsible for them and remind them to guard them.

If you have chosen well, forgetting the rings is not an option for them, and they will support you as you walk down the aisle. Remember to swap your engagement ring to the other hand, as you can easily slide on the wedding band during the ceremony.

Thirdly, leave enough time to get ready. You don't want to leave your guests waiting, so get ready early and allow yourself time to complete your look before rushing out of the door. 

While you are going to have fun, you should also remember there is a schedule to stick to. 

Things You Shouldn’t Forget On Your Wedding Day

Last-Minute Wedding Planning Tips

Finally, let's look at some last-minute wedding planning tips. In those last few weeks, you will want to double-check some factors to ensure everything is in place and doesn't catch you by surprise.

 Verify Vendor Information

There is no harm in checking the dates, times, location, setup and take-down of the vendors you have signed with.

Ensure the arrangements and contracts are taken care of and the venue's closing time is the same as your vendors. 

 Finalise Payments & Money

You don't want to worry about money and cash during your wedding, so plan ahead your tip envelopes and ensure your payments are finalised with the various parties.

Your DJ, caterers and other teams will be grateful you have tipped them, especially knowing you planned it ahead of time. 

 Plan The Best Playlist

If you have chosen a DJ, ensure they know what songs you are requesting (and which ones to avoid!).

You have complete control over your music requests and wishes, so double-check your favourites are on there. 

 Bring Photographer Up To Speed

Working with a photographer is a case of collaboration because they will have ideas you didn't think of and vice-versa. Ensure you tell them any signature photos you'd like for the day, and they will work to see them through.

You may want a picture of your first kiss as a married couple, so your photographer will need to know the best place to stand ahead of time. Your relatives, friends and reception aesthetics should also be photographed, so don't forget to request them too.

Your photographer may want to see a guest list to familiarise themselves with who everyone is. 

 Try A Final Fitting

If you've got multiple outfits to be worn throughout the day, do a final run-through with the wedding party of how things will transition.

Make sure everything fits, all gowns and suits are the same colour (if that's your style) and get excited about being dressed up for your wedding day. 

 Pack An Emergency Kit

Many things can go wrong at your wedding. From a headache to a dress ripping, you will want to know you have some painkillers or double-sided tape as you walk down the red carpet.

Carry everything you may need (or enlist someone else to carry it) throughout the day. 

While there are more tips to ensure you don't miss anything on your wedding day, this list will help you feel prepared before your vows and honeymoon. Remember to send out your save the dates cards, double-check the guest list and have some fun! 

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