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Top Unique Wedding Ideas

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  • 19-11-2020
Top Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning can be both exciting and daunting for the bride and groom. There is a lot to consider from stationery and floral arrangements to dance floor decorations.

What transport will make the biggest impression? Do we need a focal point for the evening?  Below we have collected some unique wedding ideas to help with the planning of your big day.

Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations are what gives the guests an initial indication of your unique wedding day theme.

They are usually the same colours and style that you have chosen for your wedding, whether that's a traditional or modern design. They are the first thing people see of the wedding, so it is important that they look professional and amazing. 

They usually state the day of your wedding, the location, the time, who is getting married, information about the reception and if there is a theme, dress code, and an RSVP card for the guests to fill out and send back to say if they will be attending or not.

If you are struggling with ideas, why not get in touch with a professional who can help you make your invitations unique to you and your big day!

It is also important to ensure you know what you want to show with the invitations; for example, some couples want to keep their theme a secret from their guests to make it a surprise on the day, and just go for a plain and simple design.

There is such a massive variety of designs to choose from, as most invitations are custom made. They can either be really plain and simple, or they can be really out there; it is entirely up to you and your partner.

Usually, the table numbers and place cards will match the design of your invitations on your actual wedding day.  

Ideas for Unusual Wedding Transport

Wedding Transport Ideas

Whether you are going for a more modern or traditional theme for your wedding, there are so many transportation options for you to choose from. 

For example, a limo, a classic sports car, a modern sports car, a classic car such as a Beetle, a bus, horse and carriage, and so much more.

This will be the way that you arrive at the venue, and will make your guests heads turn and definitely give them something to talk about for a while!

The transport will also make some of the photographs and can be made to match the theme of your wedding using coloured ribbons.

When picking your mode of transport, you must take many factors into consideration, including how far away the venue is from the pick-up point, affordability, how many people are travelling with you and which suits your theme best. Distance matters as some forms of transport can't travel too many miles. 

For a really impressive entrance, we believe that you cant do better than arriving in a horse and carriage. Nothing gets people as excited as seeing the bride pull up in a beautiful carriage pulled by a set of magnificent horses.

horse and carriage wedding Essex and London

If you are planning a horse and carriage wedding, we can help. Follow this link to find out more about our horse drawn carriage for weddings in Essex and London.

If you are wanting a large number of people to travel to the venue with you, then you will be better off with a limo or a bus, such as a red London bus. You may also want to use the same mode of transport from the wedding ceremony to the reception afterwards. 

Wedding Reception Ideas

Are you looking for unique wedding reception ideas? There are so many to choose from, but a huge factor is ensuring your party number can fit into the venue. For example, many venues only allow a small number of people, and other venues have a minimum number of people due to the space provided.

The reception is the wedding 'party' part of the wedding, after the wedding ceremony, where all guests arrive, including guests that weren't invited to the ceremony. It's also where the bride and groom share their first dance, where the wedding cake is presented and cut, and it is also where, typically, guests will stay until the end of the night. There would usually be a dance floor and a theme with the tables where people sit and have drinks and something to eat, and listen to the speeches. 

Some people have their receptions at country houses, or somewhere close to home that is more significant to them and their families.

Whatever you choose will be special for you and your partner. Decorations are there to ensure your big day has your personal spin on it, matching your theme and colours. Why not have a photo booth where your guests can take photos to remember your wedding day?

Wherever you choose to have your wedding reception will be special for you, and if you need any assistance, please get in touch with a professional who will be able to help you find the perfect venue to match your specific requirements.

They will also ensure you have taken all the factors into consideration, including certain facilities, party size and themes you want.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The wedding ceremony is a very important part of the wedding, as it is where the vows are said, and it is the first part of the wedding. It is also where the couple see each other for the first time, which is a very significant point of the day.

There are so many places for wedding ceremonies to take place, for example, a church, a country house, a registrar, and so many more! No matter where you choose to have your wedding ceremony, it will be special for you and your partner.

If you are struggling to find the perfect place for you, why not get in touch with a professional wedding planner, who can help you find the venue to match your requirements, such as the number of guests you wish to have.

You may also wish to incorporate your wedding theme into the ceremony, using flowers and other decorations to make your day more elegant. There are so many romantic, traditional, modern and unique ceremony ideas that you can choose from. 

We hope you have gained some helpful information from our page on unique wedding ideas. If you are planning a wedding in the Essex or London area, contact us today for horse and carriage hire.