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What Are Five Things A Bride Needs For Good Luck

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  • 10-05-2024
What Are Five Things A Bride Needs For Good Luck

What are the five things a bride needs for good luck? Whether you’re a bride-to-be or helping plan a wedding, get inspired to include these timeless customs for a touch of good fortune and charm.

Sixpence In Your Shoe

According to tradition, one thing a bride needs for good luck is an old sixpence coin in her shoe. This trend dates back to Victorian times and highlights the famous bridal rhyme, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.”

This centuries-old tradition symbolises the hope for prosperity and good fortune in the couple's future marriage. A sixpence is a small, silver-coloured British coin, no longer in general use. However, for weddings, replica sixpences are commonly used and often gifted by a loved one as a token of positivity. The shoe signifies protection against evil energies that may try to spoil the purity of matrimonial love. The belief is that the metallic properties of the sixpence will ward off malevolent influences.

Incorporating a sixpence in your shoe is relatively easy. Most brides opt to wear it inside their left shoe, often under the insole for comfort. By doing so, they are not only keeping age-old customs alive, but are inviting an optimistic path for the journey ahead that marriage brings.

This tradition goes beyond mere superstition and stands as a poignant symbol of heritage. Including this tradition in modern weddings adds a touch of historical charm. While the coin is small and often goes unnoticed, it carries with it profound meaning and the well-wishes of those who gift it. Such small tokens can transform an already special day into one laced with deeper cultural significance and heartfelt traditions.

Family Heirloom

Another popular good-luck item that brides often incorporate into their wedding attire is a family heirloom. This cherished item usually takes the form of a piece of jewellery, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings, that has been passed down through generations.

Wearing a family heirloom signifies continuity with the past and honours those who've walked the path of marriage before us. It symbolises the belief that love is timeless, enduring, and transcends generations.

What Are The Five Things A Bride Needs For Good Luck? Wedding Carriage Hire Essex And London

Additionally, it can serve as a comforting presence of a loved one who couldn't make it to the ceremony. Personal heirlooms carry not only historical significance but also immense emotional value. Brides tend to choose intimate, elegant, and cherished pieces that seamlessly fit into their wedding style.

For example, it might be a tiny locket secured to the bridal bouquet, a grandmother's garter, or a piece of lace from a mother's wedding gown stitched onto the new dress. Incorporating 'something old' in this manner is a beautiful, heartfelt way of ensuring a meaningful connection to your past as you embark on your future. 

Family heirlooms add a unique and personal touch to a wedding, making the day even more special. They remind us of the enduring nature of love and the importance of family traditions.

By including these treasured items in their attire, brides pay homage to the love stories that came before theirs and bring a sense of continuity and shared history into their own special day.

Whether it's a delicate brooch, a vintage hair comb, or a simple handkerchief, these items carry the essence of family bonds and the everlasting nature of true love. So, when planning your wedding, consider incorporating a family heirloom into your ensemble. It's a wonderful way to honour loved ones, celebrate family traditions, and bring an extra touch of magic to your special day.

Walking Down The Aisle on Father’s Left Arm - What Are The Five Things A Bride Needs For Good Luck?

Walking Down The Aisle on Father’s Left Arm

In many traditional weddings, the bride walks down the aisle on her father’s left arm. This is not just a sentimental moment but is also steeped in symbolism and thought to be a sign of good luck. The roots of this tradition trace back to the Middle Ages when potential threats or wedding crashers were common. Therefore, the groom would keep his right hand (his sword hand) free to protect his future wife.

In today’s context, it also represents the final gift a father gives to his daughter before she starts a new chapter in her life. It’s a touching, time-honoured tradition that allows for a special moment between the bride and her father before she gets married. While traditions evolve, the sentiment behind this particular custom remains strong. Many brides cherish this moment, seeing it as a rite of passage.

Fathers often feel a mix of pride and sadness as they walk their daughters down the aisle, knowing that while they may be giving their daughters away, they are also supporting their next steps in life. Though modern weddings may incorporate new ideas and twists, holding onto such timeless practices can add depth and meaning to the ceremony.

Whether you choose to follow this age-old custom or create a new one that suits your family, the essence of the moment is what truly matters. The walk down the aisle is more than just a journey from one end of a room to another; it’s a cherished memory that the bride and her father will hold dear forever.


We usually associate horseshoes with luck. Similarly, in wedding traditions, carrying a horseshoe is believed to bring good fortune. The horseshoe stands for protection and positivity and wards off the evil eye. Brides used to carry real horseshoes turned upwards to capture and hold good luck.

Today, the interpretation of this tradition has evolved. Beautiful silver horseshoe charms are now common, and some brides incorporate horseshoe details into their bouquets or wedding décor. Horseshoes can also be engraved and passed down as a cherished family heirloom, combining tradition with a sense of continuity.

Horseshoes - What Are The Five Things A Bride Needs For Good Luck?

Using a horseshoe at a wedding can add a unique and meaningful touch. There are different ways to include this symbol in a modern ceremony. Some couples choose to have their names or wedding dates engraved on a horseshoe. Others might display it at their reception venue, creating a focal point that ties the wedding theme together. For those who love crafts, making a DIY horseshoe project can be a fun activity that adds a personal touch to the celebrations.

Whether painted, adorned with ribbons, or decorated with flowers, a customised horseshoe can blend tradition with creativity. Incorporating a horseshoe into a wedding is a versatile tradition that can be adapted to fit any couple's style. It's a simple yet powerful way to infuse a special day with positivity and good fortune.

Whether used as a small charm or a significant part of the décor, the horseshoe remains a symbol of love and protection in wedding celebrations. Embracing this tradition can be a wonderful way for couples to start their married life with a touch of timeless luck.

Wedding Day Rain

While many couples dread the thought of rain on their wedding day, according to age-old beliefs, it’s actually a sign of good luck. Rain on your big day symbolises fertility, renewal, and a clean start. This unexpected blessing from Mother Nature represents an enduring marriage.

The logic behind this belief is that a wet knot is harder to untie. As 'tying the knot' is a common metaphor for getting married, newlyweds are thought to have an unbreakable bond if it rains on their wedding day. While you can’t control the weather, this tradition shows that not everything has to be picture-perfect to have a wonderful and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Often, it’s the unexpected moments and surprises that end up being the most cherished memories of your big day. Think of the rain as a unique backdrop to your love story. Picture how the raindrops glisten on the petals of your bouquet, or the way you and your partner share a special moment under an umbrella. These moments can add a magical touch to your wedding photos, creating images that are both beautiful and memorable.

Additionally, rainy weather can offer practical benefits on your wedding day. For example, it can keep the temperature cool and comfortable, preventing guests from overheating. Rain can also make the surroundings lush and green, providing a naturally beautiful setting for your ceremony. Incorporating rain into your wedding plans can be an opportunity to think creatively. From themed rain boots and umbrellas to cosy indoor settings with candles, there are many ways to embrace the weather and make it a part of your special day.

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