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What Happens During A UK Prom

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  • 09-03-2023
What Happens During A UK Prom

Have you been asking: What Happens During A UK Prom? Cooks Carriages provide prom horse and carriage hire throughout Essex and London. We look at When the school prom arrived in the UK and what to expect from a Prom in the UK.

About Prom parties

School prom season in the UK is usually held around June or July, typically at the end of the school year after pupils have finished their exam time, and it is a big business. They are a time for students to celebrate their achievements with their friends.

Whether it's an informal dinner at the school hall itself, with music balloons, fancy clothes and transport or a luxurious party at five-star hotels, school proms are a fantastic way to mark the end of one portion of a pupil's academic career before they move on to the next. 

When did the school prom arrive in the UK?

School proms are a custom we've co-opted from our cousins in the USA around the year 2000. Before this, UK schools would host a leavers' ball or leaver's disco, which were a much more toned-down affair.

However, high school leavers can now enjoy something a bit more lavish with a school prom. They have become increasingly popular in the two decades since the early noughties, with over 80% of schools now hosting a prom at the end of term, according to the Telegraph. 

How Do I Make My Prom Memorable?

What Happens at Prom in the UK?

A typical prom night is a right of passage for teenagers at secondary schools or sixth forms as it marks the end of their time at one school before moving on to the next. Once pupils have finished their GCSEs or A-Levels exams, they can dress up and celebrate their hard work and school life.

It's a brilliant excuse for a party and one students are sure to cherish for the rest of their lives. But what do proms entail? Here we'll take you through some of the most important elements of any prom night.

What Happens During A UK Prom? Prom Horse and Carriage Hire Essex and London

What is worn to a prom?

A school prom is a time to show off, even more so than a non-uniform day. But students shouldn't worry too much; a nicely fitted suit or dazzling dress will be enough to make an impression. However, more fashion-conscious students have been known to spend large amounts on their prom outfits.

After all, this is likely the first time they've had the opportunity to trip out in more formal wear amongst their peers. Ultimately, students' outfits for prom simply depend on how much of a statement they want to make, what the dress code is, and whether there is an award ceremony. 

Do Teachers organise the prom?

While TV shows and films would have us believe it's the students at British schools who organise their prom nights, this is perhaps a little too much work for them while doing their exams.

In most cases, it's down to the teachers to organise everything. While they may be disciplinarians during term time, this doesn't mean teachers don't know how to throw a good party. They'll likely have organised proms for previous years before, so prom night is definitely in safe hands with teachers.

Are Hotels rented for a Prom?

Location, as with most things on prom night, is down to the available funds.

Of course, every school wants their pupils to enjoy their prom and make it a memorable night seen out in true style.

So, if they can budget it, it's not unheard of for most schools to hire luxury hotels or banquet halls to host their proms. But you don't always have to break the bank to have a good night.

With the right decorations and a killer sound system, you can transform a school hall or school gym into a lavish prom for all to enjoy and remember.

Are Hotels Rented For A Prom? Prom Horse and Carriage Hire Essex and London

 Expect Socialising

The school prom is the last time the same set of teachers and classmates are all together. Therefore, students will want to make the most of the experience, catch up, and say a fond farewell to as many people as possible before they all head their different ways after the last dance.

They might even wind up talking to people they barely know, remembering funny moments from school and swapping plans for the future. This also means that no one should be left out, so if pupils notice anyone who looks a little solitary, go over and ask them to dance.

 You may see Teachers Dancing.

Again, just because teachers are serious and professional at school doesn't mean they don't know how to party. Therefore, when they get the chance to cut a rug, pupils shouldn't be surprised to see them take to the dance floor with everyone else.

Prom night is just as much of a celebration for teachers as it is for pupils. After all, it's the teachers who have helped their students get the results they have, and they deserve to celebrate too.

Teachers Dancing - What Happens During A UK Prom? Essex and London

 Professional Photographers 

One thing that should definitely be in the prom budget is a professional photographer. The students on their sixth form or high school prom night are all dressed up, possibly for the first time in their lives, and they need some seriously good photos to remember the night by. 

This is especially important if the school is producing a yearbook, as it provides a stunning way to round off the academic year. Old-school photo booths are also popular for school proms, allowing students to make their own memories to keep or post on social media.

 Taking Pictures

Even if there isn't a professional photographer or photo booth, everyone there, from teachers to the many parents who will be fighting their way to the front of the crowds, will be taking thousands of photos during the school prom. It's usually best to get those snaps in at the start of the evening as the students arrive in their transportation.

Hair, makeup, and perfectly fitted suits can quickly become dishevelled once the dancing starts, so if you want good pictures, get them taken early. And while teenagers might cringe at having their photos taken any other day, prom is a time to show off, so they're allowed to strike a pose and put on their cheesiest grin.

Taking Pictures - What Happens During A UK Prom? Essex and London

 You do not need a date

Yet another falsehood that television and films have led us to believe. Teenage boys and girls shouldn't feel pressured to need a date for their prom night - it isn't a big deal at all. The whole point of the prom is for students to spend time with their classmates for one last night rather than sitting with the same person for the whole evening.

Here in the UK, most students go as a group with their friends to prom rather than waltzing into the prom court as prom king and prom queen. So, if students don't have a date for the prom, they shouldn't feel like they can't attend.

 Live Bands 

No prom experience is complete without music, whether performed by a live band or mixed by a DJ. Live music is increasingly popular nowadays, with plenty of thoroughly impressive cover bands throughout the country, as a way to bring people together in the same room with the right vibe.

Naturally, bands can only play for so long, so many schools may want to hire a DJ as well or at least have a playlist standing by.

How do I travel to a prom?

The way students travel to prom has become almost as important as the prom itself.

From chauffeur-driven limousines to giant 4x4 vehicles to VW Camper Vans, there are innumerable ways for pupils to get to their big night.

Part of the fun for prom night is being driven around where everyone can see your stylish suits and beautiful prom dresses.

How Do I Travel To A Prom? Prom Horse and Carriage Hire Essex and London

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